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Leer in 2,5 uur alles over NLP of Familie Opstellingen

di 17 dec. - Rotterdam - NLP
vr 3 jan. - Antwerpen - NLP
wo 8 jan. - Amsterdam - NLP

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The John Overdurf Experience: Expanding Consciousness Through the Rhizome

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2-Day Training with John Overdurf 'A Expanding Consciousness Through the Rhizome'

Amsterdam: 25 & 26 September 2020

Spend 2 intense days of learning, sampling of John's newest discoveries in the exploration of consciousness and transformation. 

You will learn a powerful set of principles and dynamic, flexible techniques to take your Life to the next level. You will learn absolutely cutting-edge information and processes with will change how you perceive reality in a practical, grounded, yet expansive way. 

The Rhizome is the best metaphor John has found to explain the functioning of the brain, consciousness, and how to navigate through the sometimes bewildering and uncertain nominalization calls Life. 

He has been refining this midel over 2,5 years, so if you've already experienced the power and breadth of Rhizomatic Perception at some of his older trainings and workshops... get ready! There will be lots more with will be new and different! 

Here's a sampling of what you'll be learning, subject to change - as are we all! 

  • Proven techniques for meditation
  • Newest finings on the neuroscience of meditation and consciousness
  • How to cultivate purposeful shifting of your brain waves to optimize your Live 
  • Stress and fear busters - How to transform fear into relaxed alertness
  • The Five Principals of Rhizomatic Perception and how they can enrich your experience of Live
  • And much more!... 

... Because from now until the workshop John will be developing more transformational processes and models. Even he can't tell what all of them will be, only that there will processes and models. Even he can't tell what all of them will be, only that there will be more. As in Life, there is always more. Why? Because all we are is changing. 


Then join us for what will be a fun and enlightening foray into Expanding Consciousness Through the Rhizome. 

  • Location

  • The training with John Overdurf takes place in Amsterdam.

    The address:

    Fahrenheitstraat 99