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Stephan Hausner 3-day workshop | UNLP

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Leer in 2,5 uur alles over Familie Opstellingen

za 14 nov. - Rotterdam
do 19 nov. - Amsterdam

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Stephan Hausner 3-day workshop

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3-Day Training with Stephan Hausner 'A systemic view on health and disease'

Amsterdam: 6-7-8 June 2019


In June 2019 there is an unique possibility to participate in the 3-day training with Stephan Hausner in Amsterdam. Stephan is Internationally known and offers a great approach to systemic constellations, one with an origin in health and illness. In the past 20 years, he has specialized in systemic-phenomenological approach to disease and health.

Stephan Hausner specializes in a systemic approach to health and diseases, with persistent symptoms, and uses constellations revealing the relationships and loyalties in the system, where the client often finds relief in dealing with the disease or improvements.

Stephan’s work has enormous relevance and importance for everyone working or involved in the field of Systemic Constellation work. It's a great opportunity to work with someone with so much knowledge and experience in this field.

  • 3 day workshop 'A systemic view on health and disease'
  • Stephan Hausner
  • For Whom
  • Location

  • In this 3 day workshop you will learn about the systemic approach to health and diseases. During these days, the focus is on how a movement unfolds towards the healing potential within the client or even the group.

    With his integrity, sharp observing and direct way of working, Stephan creates a safe environment where transformation can take place. Stephan Hausner aims to provide a view of the healing potential of systemic constellations, revealing how existing illnesses are rooted within the family dynamic, and setting up healing postures to facilitate growth and direction. A learning practice for who we are as facilitator, coach or trainer, learning letting go and being less helpful.

  • Stephan made the understanding of health and being well in his life’s work. He encountered Systemic Constellation Work in the early nineties and since then has used systemic work in his practice and has transformed the way ‘health’ is understood.

    Practice, specialized in:

    • 1985 - 1988 School of Alternative Medicine Josef Angerer, Munich
    • 1988 - Private practice specializing in homeopathy and osteopathy. 
    • 1990 - 1995 Doctor and Trainer Natural Medicine and Further Education in Different Approaches to Humanistic Psychotherapy, including Dr. Carl O. Simonton, Dr. Jeanne Achterberg, Dr. Max Schuepbach, Dr. Anngwyn St. Just (Arizona Center for SocialTraumaTherapy).
    • Since 1993, trained in the systemic-phenomenological approach of Bert Hellinger and others. Since 1995 Systemic works mainly about health issues in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
    • Since 2000 Systemic work and training programs on the application of Complementary Medicine systemic work in more than 40 countries on 5 continents.
    • Since 2002 Presentation at numerous international conferences around the world.
    • 2007 - 2008 Facilitating systemic work for patients with psychosomatic disorders in the Clinic for Psychosomatic Care in Simbach / Inn, also as a postgraduate doctoral program for medical doctors in association with the Bavarian Association for Medical Doctors 
    • 2007 - 2010 Participation in an International Multicentric Research Program (SISC) on the processes and effects of disease and symptom constellations Coordination: Dr. G. Weber, Wieslocher Institute for Systemic Solutions. Training in Attachment-Based Therapy (K.H. Brisch), Safe-Mentor Author of "Even if it costs me my life - Systemic Errors and Serious Illness" - Available in 11 languages
    • Since 2012 Training in Different Approaches in Mindfulness Based Therapy - Presence in Silence, M.Boxhall - Transparent Communication, T. Huebl.

  • This 3-day workshop is recommended for inexperienced as well as experienced familyconstellators, coaches and trainers. Working with an experienced trainer with Hausner's stature is valuable to everyone. Trainers who want to work with systemic-phenomenological approach to disease and health.

  • The training with Stephan Hausner takes place in Amsterdam.

    The address:

    Schipluidenlaan 4